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5 Signs You Need An Oil Change

Oil, oil, oil! It's really that important. Making sure your engine is using good oil won't only make it perform better but also last much longer. That's why we have made a short list of five must-know signs of bad engine oil so you know when to visit the shop for an oil change.

1. Check Engine Light

The check engine light is your best friend when it comes to spotting issues. It can mean quite a lot of things, so make sure to bring your car to a shop for an inspection and/or a computer diagnostic.

2. Unusual Sounds From The Engine Bay

Is your car making any grinding or rattling sounds while driving? Well, if so, we have some bad news, the oil might be broken down and causing further issues. Damaged cylinders, for example, can completely brake the engine, so be careful the next time you hear something from the engine bay.

3. Decreased Performance

A decrease in performance can be present when the oil has broken down or is old. When lubrication is sufficient, parts start to have issues working correctly because of the high friction and temperature. This sign is fairly easy to spot, so consider visiting a mechanic if you notice anything similar.

4. Oil Lamp

The oil lamp, just the check engine light, indicates problems with the oil. While the check engine light can mean other things, the oil lamp only turns on when something wrong is happening with the oil. Make sure to take advantage of this symptom and visit a mechanic, so they can see what's happening under the hood.

5. Oil Leaks Form Gaskets

While it might sound like the problem is in the gaskets, the oil thins out and starts to leak from places where it isn't supposed to. Seals and especially gaskets are made in such a way that, if the oil is good, it makes the seal even stronger. When this isn't the case, and the oil is broken down, it becomes very liquidy and runny, resulting in gasket leaks.

If you are in need of an oil change, make sure you contact us! The pros at Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair will make quick work of anything cousin you trouble - from the simplest issue to the most complex repair!

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