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8 Christmas Tree Hauling Tips

The holidays are right around the corner, and now is the time to put up your brightly lit lights, hang your stockings above the fireplace, and pick out your Christmas tree. There's nothing better than having the scent of a real tree inside your home. Unfortunately, most people settle on a fake tree instead of a real tree is to bypass the hassle of lugging it home. Thankfully, Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair has the best tips to make this task easy and seamless! Here are 8 tips to know before heading to the tree farm. 

  1. Bring a pair of gloves. You will want to protect your hands from sharp needles and sticky sap. An additional measure to take is to wear long sleeves so you don't get pricked.
  2. Have it netted at the farm to make the transfer easier. The net will also protect the tree from damages.
  3. Preserve your vehicle's exterior by putting a blanket, tarp, or any covering on the roof or bed of your vehicle. This barrier will serve to protect your car from scratches and such.
  4. When lifting the tree, please make sure that the tree trunk is facing the front side of the vehicle. 
  5. Wrap the tree tightly with plenty of rope or cords so that it can be stable and secure during the drive.
  6. Before heading out, please give the tree one last tug to ensure it does not become loose.
  7. Please do NOT put a tree inside your vehicle. Not only will the tree be distracting and block your vision, but its needles can be irritating for some people. Also, the needles and sap can leave a huge mess in your car. Nobody wants to clean up that mess!
  8. Drive slow and avoid the highway. If you've never had to haul heavy loads before, you should know that you need to maintain or drive slower than the speed limit. Speeding can ultimately loosen the tree and send it flying off your car. 


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