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Are Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspections Worth the Cost?

They say never judge a book by its cover, it's said often as it's suited to many aspects of our lives. Big purchases shouldn't be approached at face value alone. This is especially true in the realm of used car sales, where the shiniest and prettiest of vehicles can conceal any number of faults or eccentricities that may make it unsuitable to the task. Only your trusted mechanic can uncover a vehicle's past, determine its present running condition, and predict its future usage, making a pre-purchase inspection more than worth its cost.

The major benefits of requesting a pre-purchase inspection of a used car by your mechanic include a reveal of these aspects:

The Back Story

Your mechanic will examine the car's frame for any structural damage or repair work that indicates it's been involved in unreported accidents that may compromise its safety, value, or performance.

The Drive Plot

A pre-inspection test drive on different road conditions will help diagnose any possible engine, transmission, steering, or suspension issues and give an overview of its drivetrain performance.

Rusted Undercarriage

Your mechanic will inspect the underbody of the vehicle for any rust that may be expensive to fix and diminish the road-worthiness of the car.

Unscrupulous Repairs

The inspection will determine if there has been any shoddy repair work, part replacement, installations, or alterations that affect the car's functioning or value.

Interior Condition

Your mechanic will examine the wear of all interior parts to assess their consistency with the age and mileage of the vehicle.

Tread and Spin

Tires and wheels are two vital components of your car and only your mechanic can accurately assess their condition.

Exterior Sheen

The pre-purchase report will detail any dents and scratches, along with the overall condition of the body and paintwork.

Mechanical Issues

Your mechanic will identify if any mechanical repairs need doing.

Investing in a pre-purchase inspection of a used car will uncover its story and empower you with the information to make an informed decision as to whether that car is suitable for you. If you need a pre-purchase used vehicle inspection, give our auto repair shop a call today.

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