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How to Identify a Transmission Fluid Leak

A leaky transmission is a serious matter. Transmission fluid provides essential lubrication and cooling properties throughout your transmission. If the fluid is approaching empty or the fluid itself is in poor shape, it will lead to significant issues. Transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements are not cheap. Like other automotive complications, it's best to address a minor issue before it develops into a major concern.


If there is a significant leak, transmission fluid is very obvious to recognize because it is bright red. Any drips or puddles underneath your car with this red solution usually signifies a big problem that you will want to address immediately. A minor transmission fluid leak can be more challenging to identify because it may only be seen when the vehicle is up on a lift. 


Self Maintenance

You can monitor the level and quality of the transmission fluid at home. There is a dipstick under your hood that is designated to go into your transmission pan. You can look at it periodically and ensure the liquid is at a sufficient level, just like you would with your engine oil dipstick. If the solution is dark, thick, nasty, or has a burned smell, it may be due for a fluid change or fluid flush if things are that bad. You can also top off the fluid level yourself if it just happens to be too low and there are no leaks detected. However, be careful because there are different types of transmission fluid for different kinds of transmissions. Do not add any liquid in unless you know if you have the right kind!


If you notice a liquid leak under your automobile and are unsure what type of fluid it could be, feel free to swing by our shop to have it checked out. You will want to have it inspected and repaired sooner rather than later. If you are in Cypress, CA and notice a leak under your car, call Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair today at (714) 361-0993.

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