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How to Properly Clean Your Vehicle’s Headlights

When you think of headlight maintenance, most people probably think of replacing the bulb. However, you can regularly keep your car headlights nice and bright by regularly cleaning them at home. While car washes can get some of the dirt and grime off, a trusted way to remove the yellowish or hazy appearance is by using a solution. 


Oxidized headlights can be dangerous as they can significantly reduce the brightness of your car lights. To solve the problem, you can use household items to restore your headlights. The two methods include vinegar and baking soda or toothpaste.


For the first method, you'll require a soft cloth, white vinegar, baking soda, and car soap. Using a 1:2 ratio of baking soda and vinegar, mix the solution together. Rub the cleaning solution onto the headlight and rinse with water. Voila - it’s that easy!


Toothpaste offers the right amount of cleaning strength for your headlights. You will need toothpaste, car soap, masking tape, gloves, and microfiber cloths. We want to ensure you use the take to form a border around the headlights so that the toothpaste doesn’t get onto your car paint. With gloves on, apply toothpaste onto each headlight with a damp rag. Rub the solution in circular motions for several minutes before rinsing with clean water. 


Last but not least, you can apply a layer of wax for extra shine. Using either cleaning method will ensure your headlights stay bright enough for your drive. Conditions like rain, fog, or even nighttime can make it harder for you to see, which is why headlights are so important to your vehicle safety.


If you need your headlights or any other car component checked out, please do not hesitate to visit Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair today.

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