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Is it Safe to Drive With the Oil Light On?

When the oil light flashes up on the dashboard, it can mean your vehicle has low oil pressure. The drop in oil pressure could signify a few things, including if your motor oil is down, dirty, or you have an oil leak. Even though you don't burn through motor oil as fast as you do with gas, it will eventually get low after driving.

If you're driving along and notice your oil warning light come up on your dashboard, you need to figure out what the light is telling you. Modern vehicles have two different lights related to their vehicle oil system. The first orange light shows that it is time to change your oil.

You Should Not Drive Your Car When the Oil Light is on

The second red light is the more serious of the two. Its job is to alert you to a potentially critical issue. Check your vehicle's owner manual to understand better what oil lights to watch out for on your car. If in doubt schedule an appointment for routine maintenance.

When the oil warning light shows up on your dashboard, you need to check the dipstick and determine how much oil is in reserve. If the level is showing on the low side, add more oil. Then, when you restart your vehicle and the oil light disappears, the problem is solved!

What Should You Do When the Oil Light Stays On in Your Vehicle?

If the oil light remains on, you may have a more significant issue urgently needing to be dealt with. The oil lubricates the engine, keeping it running smoothly. Without enough oil, the engine could seize and stop working. Should this happen, you will face a wealth of additional problems.

Any problems regarding oil in your vehicle are best to be checked by a professional mechanic at an auto repair shop. A service can help prevent further issues, saving you money in the long run. If you need an oil warning light repair, give Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair a call today.

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