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Should I Have My Car Checked Before A Long Trip?

Going on a long trip in your car will exact a toll on it. When traveling so many miles, probably on vacation, you want your vehicle in tip top shape. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere with all that luggage could be devastating. You should definitely have a mechanic check your vehicle before a long trip. They should check the following:


Start by checking the part of the car that gets you going: the battery. You should ensure that the battery has no corrosion and the connection to the cables is tight.

If there is corrosion, have the mechanic clean it off with a wire brush. Check the battery for leaks and swelling which indicate serious issues.


Your car tires will undergo some deterioration on a long trip. They will also affect the quality of your travels so you should ensure the tires are in great shape before the trip.

Check the treads and wear on the tires which will help with braking. Ensure they are properly inflated too and repair punctures or tears. Replace the tires if necessary before the trip.


Long trips involve traveling on highways at high speed so brakes are essential. If brakes fail you on the road, the results could be disastrous.

Therefore, check the braking system, particularly the brake pads to see if they need replacement. You should replace worn out brake pads immediately.


You may know the importance of changing your oil but there are more fluids in a car. You should check all the fluids before a long trip.

Check the coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid. Ensure optimal levels and check for contamination of the fluids.

You must check your vehicle before a long trip for maximum safety. Checking the above is only the beginning as you should check your entire car. We invite you to Integrity Transmission & Auto Repair in Cyrpress, CA for a Trip Inspection.

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